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The 035 preamplifier combines warm and natural sound with simple and user-friendly operation. Its audiophile qualities owe much to its larger siblings in Burmester’s Reference and Top Line. The signal paths to the high-quality XLR outputs are balanced and short, which contributes to an excellent sonic signature with great attention to musical and dynamic detail.



The housing is made from brushed aluminum and the front panel has been flawlessly chrome-plated, which is a signature Burmester design element to underscore timelessness and longevity of the components. The operating controls are all chrome-plated and impress with smooth performance. The clean and uncluttered lines of the preamp tie in with its easy and intuitive operation. Its sound quality is every bit as pleasing as its looks.


The 035 preamplifier offers uncompromising manufacturing and sound quality. Like all Burmester components it is assembled by hand in the Berlin factory. It is subjected to the same rigorous selection and quality control process as the Reference Line components.

Technical Details

8 kg (17.6 lbs)
482 mm (19“)
96 mm (3.8“)
336 mm (13.3“)
Inputs3 XLR / 2 RCA
Input phonooptional MM / MC
Outputs1 XLR, 1 RCA, 1 Tape out (XLR)
Head phone jack6.3 mm
Module slots1
Optional modulesPhono MC / MM, CD bal.

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