Into The Dark


Nocturnal Noir


Black, the color of the night, has inspired not only legendary
icons like Elvis Presley and Alannah Miles but also our portfolio.
This dark hue is now available as a new standard option. It invites
you into a world of audio excellence, whose depth and fascination
are as infinite as the color itself.



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True craftsmanship since 1977

Burmester Audiosysteme

Back in 1977 Burmester already produced handmade audio systems and components. Today we continue this tradition as the last independent high-end manufacturer of this kind.



PURE SOUND is a collaborative project between Burmester X Mastercut, dedicated to authentic, unfiltered sound. Here, lacquer masters are cut in private recording sessions, followed by listening to the recording itself.

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Aesthetics: audible and visual

Burmester audio systems and components are designed to meet the highest acoustic and visual expectations. We are only satisfied when the sound experience is perfect and the design is timeless.

Our Philosophy



A Quest To Build The Perfect Sound

Occasionally, a chain of serendipitous moments cause you to make key decisions that lead you in a particular direction in life. In Dieter Burmester’s case it all began with an imperfect tube amplifier.

Dieter Burmester



Experience Burmester live

Find a licensed retailer close to you and experience our products live.

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Burmester and Automotive

In 2001, we happily accepted the challenge with and redefined the high-end audio segment in the automotive sector with Bugatti. The know-how from the established high-end home audio sector could be successfully transferred. The realization of this project laid the foundation for further partnerships. In 2006, our cooperation with Porsche began. The first sedan of the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer debuted in 2009 with a Burmester high-end sound system. In the same year, the cooperation with another Stuttgart car manufacturer began: Mercedes-Benz. As a lover of the brand, this was also a special moment for Dieter Burmester, which Automotive Sound Systeme culminated in the introduction of the tenth generation of the S-Class in 2013 with the world‘s first high-end 3D sound system for luxury sedans. Special projects, such as the integration of a sound system in a luxury motorhome, equally challenge us and our passion. Together with our partners, we will continue to be committed to the claim of perfect sound – for standard-setting sound systems in the automotive segment.


Burmester Sound Systems

Pure musical enjoyment for luxury automobiles


“We live and love what we do. And you can hear that.”

Our philosophy

“I would never have thought that this sound
could be realised in cars.”



Emozioni Fortissime

In the collaboration with Ferrari, Burmester is treading a new path of high-end automotive sound development which elevates the sound experience to an entirely new level of heightened sensory perception.

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Feel-good sound

For Burmester and Mercedes-Benz, it was and is a constant drive to develop standard-setting sound systems for luxury automobiles to experience pleasurable and relaxing sound journeys.

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Pure dynamics

Burmester and Porsche are characterized by a long partnership, which to this day demonstrates what the spirit of audiophile German engineering and design genius can achieve at the top.

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First steps into the automotive sector

The Bugatti project marked the start of Burmester high-end sound systems for cars and redefined the high-end automotive audio segment.

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