Loudspeakers with impressive sound and a three-dimensional musical experience

Since 1994 Burmester Audiosysteme has been making loudspeakers which are in a position to fill a listening space with impressive sound and conjure up a three-dimensional musical experience for the listener. The various instruments sound remarkably true to life. Whatever the volume, the sound is always smooth and perfectly balanced. We use bass reflex cabinets for the dynamic and uncompressed rendition of bass notes. They enhance the lower registers and at the same time minimize distortion. Column loudspeakers owe their slim appearance to the fact that the bass speakers are fitted into the side. We run in every loudspeaker chassis for seven days before proceeding to the assembly stage. The parameters are measured, and the computer puts together pairs with extremely close tolerance levels. Only identical stereo loudspeakers can create a perfect three-dimensional soundscape.

In Wall

Burmester InWall Loudspeaker suits everywhere

The Burmester InWall Loudspeaker series offer you a unique sound experience, which can be enjoyed everywhere in the listening room. Due to their shallow installation depth of only 10 cm (4 in.) and the frameless mounting, Satellite and Center speakers as well as the woofer can be integrated in a very stylish way and totally flatly into your living ambience. Burmester InWall Loudspeaker are also suitable for yachts and conference rooms.

Signature Line

Innovative leaps in
sound quality,
and design.

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technology for the
perfect sound

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Top Line

Genuine sound for
true music lovers.

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Classic Line

The essentials -
technical perfection
for generations.

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Phase 3

A fantastic sound
experience in
any environment.

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