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The new BC150 loudspeaker model by Burmester is now making the innovative leaps in sound quality, technology, and design from the Signature Line possible for other product lines. Within this loudspeaker model, elements of the BC350 loudspeakers from the Signature Line were incorporated. 



With attention to detail.

While the BC150 makes use of the characteristic elements of Burmester’s Reference Line, we incorporated them into a more compact product design.

“The BC150 is one of those rare exceptions that
are both musically communicative and musically analytical at the same time.”



Stable cabinet with customized damping

To minimize any unwanted vibrations, the cabinet concept of the BC150 has been optimized in terms of its resistance to the forces that occur during use. The latest results from extensive research and development ensure unrivaled damping of the enclosure. The solid aluminum frame and the complex body form the basis for the sophisticated approach to the design process.

Inside the speaker, stiffeners made of aluminum tubes are employed. These stabilize and solidify the integrity of the cabinet, so that the bass drive unit movement is converted to musical information alone. All drivers are braced against the cabinet with high preload forces to achieve optimum power transfer and create secure, long term coupling. 

The BC150 features a specially developed damping system. For this purpose, the complex cabinet is coated with a 4mm thick steel plate and a special plastic. This dampens even the smallest vibrations.

In addition, all relevant components are decoupled from each other to reduce further vibrations. This includes the crossover, which is oscillating in its own housing chamber to reduce unwanted vibrations on its components that can affect the sound. Any remaining vibrations are effectively eliminated via the speaker’s feet, which further stabilizes the cabinet and sound.



The BC150’s two Air-Motion-Transformer (AMT) tweeters in the design contribute significantly to the precision and detail that are distinctive characteristics of Burmester products. The front-located AMT drive unit is derived from the one used in the flagship BC350 and tailored for use in the BC150. Due to the lightweight, large-area foil membrane, which is located in a very powerful magnetic field, the high-frequency reproduction achieves optimum detail and transparency in combination with musical fluidity. The second AMT, located to the rear of the cabinet is adjustable to tailor the spatial depth of the sound stage according to personal preference. Consequently this increases the dispersion of the reproduction and increases the optimal listening area for greater listening flexibility.



The midrange speaker of the BC150 uses a new, oval-shaped voice coil, which significantly increases the dimensional stability of the lightweight membrane. Thus, the BC150 is able to deliver excellent detail and tonally neutral music reproduction. By means of the very powerful magnet and the associated excellent mass-drive ratio, the sound image of the BC150 also achieves an impressively high degree of agility and resolution.


Low frequency

The large, side-firing woofer has a diameter of 32 cm and provides an exceptionally powerful, deep yet crisp bass. Again, this unit is also derived from the bass driver used in the flagship BC350 and optimally adapted to the conditions of the BC150. Its long-stroke diaphragm coupled with the powerful drive ensures powerful and immediate bass reproduction with sufficient headroom. The very lowest frequencies are delivered via the flow-optimized, carbon fiber bass reflex port with a very high degree of accuracy.


Avoidance of Undesired Contact Resistance

Due to the exclusive use of high-quality Burmester speaker cables with generous cross sections, internal line influences are almost excluded. If the possibility of separate signal routing via two power amplifiers to the crossover remains unused (bi-amping), the BC150 comes with solid and gold-plated connection bridges made of high-purity, oxygen-free copper for practically loss-free connection of the speaker terminals.


Costumizable Decorative Elements

Decorative elements of the loudspeaker model are interchangeable and can be adapted to special requests and special room designs in terms of their colors as well as their material. The implementation of special requests and the insertion of decorative elements is possible directly at the installation site.


Materials and Manufacturing

Burmester sources 95% of the materials for its components and loudspeakers from local manufacturers and fabricators. The design as well as the manufacturing of all elements installed in the BC150 is done by hand by Burmester employees. Before a loudspeaker or component leaves the manufactory, it undergoes a strict control with regard to its functionality, durability and sound reproduction according to Burmester standards. This is how Burmester achieves the product quality that enables music enjoyment for generations.

Into The Dark

Nocturnal Noir

Black, the color of the night, has inspired not only legendary icons like Elvis Presley and Alannah Miles but also our portfolio. This dark hue is now available as a new standard option.

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Prinzip3 way bass reflex
Weight180 kg
Width309 mm
Height1433 mm
Depth601 mm
Power rating
(DIN EN 60268-5)
400 W
(at 2.83 V/1 m)
88.5 dB
Nominal impedance3 Ω
Frequency response
(+/- 3 dB)
34 Hz to 20000 Hz
Tweeter2 x Air Motion Transformer
Mid-range driver18 cm Elliptic phase plug
and voice coil
Woofer32 cm Sandwich cone and strong
motor with dual magnets
Crossover frequencies155 Hz / 1800 Hz



All downloads you can find on our media database

To the Downloads of our BC150


The perfect sound stands for hard work and a continuous quest for improvement. That’s why we are especially honored when the international community of music enthusiasts honors our products.


United Kingdom, 2021

Hifi+ Award

United Kingdom, 2021


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There is more than only sound – there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.

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