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All of the CD players made by Burmester enthrall the listener on account of their musical warmth, which goes hand in hand with an incredible wealth of detail. Countless benchmark tests conducted by leading trade magazines have vouched for the fact that our CD players generate a kind of sound that is normally produced only by analog LPs. This is the result of innovative circuitry, selected DA converters and upsampling technology with sampling rates of 96 or 192 kHz.

We set the international standard with the invention of belt-driven CD drives. As in the case of analog record players, the belt-driven CD player has the advantage that it separates the sound carrier from the drive motor. It ensures that the CD rotates in an absolutely constant manner, with no unevenness or disruptive vibrations. The CD is read with far greater precision, since there is no electrical jitter (frequency variations in the transmission of digital signals). The handmade drives of our Reference Line and Top Line CD players employ this type of drive technology.

“When everything is perfect, you forget about the technology and the music comes to you.”

Dieter Burmester


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There is more then only sound - there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.

Signature Line

Innovative leaps in
sound quality,
and design.

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Reference Line

technology for the
perfect sound

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Top Line

Genuine sound for
true music lovers.

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Classic Line

The essentials -
technical perfection
for generations.

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Phase 3

A fantastic sound
experience in
any environment.

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