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CD Player

The Reference Line CD player 069 sets the ultimate technical standard for CD playback. Cutting edge technology combined with a proprietary belt-drive system form the technical basis for providing a musical experience of the highest order. Dieter Burmester invented the belt drive for CD players in 1990 and only a year later introduced the first CD player with a belt-driven CD platter to the world market. Like an analog turntable, the belt drive in a CD player provides complete decoupling of the pick-up system, in this case the laser, from any mechanical interference by the motor drive. As a result the data on the CD is read with ultimate precision, translating into the decoding of the smallest musical detail as well as complex acoustic structures. Add to this the latest generation of DA conversion and you know that you will miss nothing on a recording: Spatial resolution, musical timbre, airy highs and deep, controlled bass.


With attention to detail.

Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the 069 CD Player makes use of characteristic design elements of the Reference Line.



The design of the Reference CD player is an expression of Burmester’s philosophy: understated elegance combined with cutting-edge technology and highest-quality manufacturing in a rock-solid housing. The massive construction of the Reference Line enclosures completely isolates sensitive electronics from mechanical or acoustical interference. In short, the 069 CD player is visually and sonically a world-class performer offering unlimited musical enjoyment. It sports extremely powerful toroidal-core transformers, which rigorously separate the currents supplied to the digital and analog sections.



Like all Burmester components, the belt-drive system is carefully assembled in the Berlin factory. Highly trained technicians connect the platter assembly via belt to the Swiss-made precision motor. The whole unit consists of 708 carefully selected parts, which are assembled into a work of art that has to pass muster in a multifaceted testing and adjustment procedure before shipping.


Weight27 kg (59.5 lbs)
Width450 mm (17.8“)
Height156 mm (6.2“)
Depth329 mm (13“)
Top Loader
Digital inputs2 RCA, 1 TOSLINK
Analog inputs1 XLR
Digital outputs1 RCA, 1 TOSLINK
Analog outputs1 XLR, 2 RCA
MMI Slotyes
DAC usable for external
Upsampling to
96 kHz/24 bit
switchable to
192 kHz/24 bit
Remote controlledyes
Burmester X-Amp 2yes
Remote In- / Output1 / 1



All downloads you can find on our media database.

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The perfect sound stands for hard work and a continuous quest for improvement. That’s why we are especially honored when the international community of music enthusiasts honors our products.

The Absolute Sound: Product of the Year

USA, 2008

The Absolute Sound: Editors Choice Award

Germany, 2008

Revue du Son & du Home Cinema: Recommondé 5 Star Component

France, 2008

Image Hifi: Image Hifi Award

Germany, 2008

Audio Art: Best Performance of the Year

Taiwan, 2009

The Absolute Sound: CD Player of the Year

USA, 2009

Hifi Stars

Germany, 2011

to the test

Hi-fi News

United Kingdom, 2012

to the test


Might be interesting

There is more then only sound – there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.


For Reference Line



In 2007, for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 777 preamplifier, Burmester introduced another preamplifier: the 077. Designed in the elegant tradition of Burmester, the 077 provides exquisite sound and a relaxed listening experience.

Power Conditioner

For All Lines



Burmester has developed the top-quality Power Conditioner for a high-end musical experience. The 948 surpasses high-frequency noise through premium filters and it stands top of the line in the world of high end music systems.

Phono preamplifier

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The Phono Preamplifier 100 combines the best features for the perfect analogue sound. It was designed to provide record lovers the best possible sound quality and the digital preservation of their analogue collections.

Power amplifier

For Reference Line

909 MK5


The largest stereo amplifier in our Reference Line, Burmester’s 909 MK5 is an impressive technology able to convey every musical detail. With an extremely high damping factor and the ability to deliver huge currents, the 909 effortlessly controls any speaker.


For Reference Line

808 MK5


Now in its fifth generation, our internationally acclaimed 808 preamplifier is still unrivaled in terms of sound quality and uniqueness of features. This preamplifier has now been in production for 30+ years with an excellent reputation in highly regarded audio magazines.

Power amplifier

For Top Line

911 MK3


The 911 MK3 is regarded as one of the quickest and most powerful amps in the audio world. Its distinctive appearance exudes power and elegance. Excellent spatial resolution, detail and musical warmth characterize its sonic signature.


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