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The 088 preamplifier perfectly melds high-quality sound with attractive visual appearance. Its operation is simple and intuitive and guarantees a relaxed listening experience. As a member of the Burmester preamplifier family, it profits greatly from technological and engineering advances that mark, for example, the performance of the Reference Line preamp 077. Among them are the proven dual-mono design for optimal channel separation, resonance-damping carbon fiber suspension for best insulation from mechanical interferences and DC-coupled signal paths without distorting capacitors for precise bass reproduction.



Two large rotary dials for input selection and volume control dominate the classic chrome front panel of the 088 preamplifier. Different operating modes may be selected using chromed toggle switches on the front panel. The engraved Burmester signature and the model moniker above the power switch, which can be used to switch the 088 on, off or into standby mode, round out the visuals. The rear panel offers the full range of possible connections.


The exquisite chrome front panel, typical for Burmester’s Top Line components, is manufactured in a complex process by carefully chosen suppliers. It immediately indicates the overall built quality relying on highest-quality parts. Even the small screws for bolting the front panel to the housing are individually chrome-plated and checked for perfect quality.

Technical Details

9 kg (19.8 lbs)
Width482 mm (19“)
96 mm (3.9“)
346 mm (13.6“)
Inputs6 XLR / 1 RCA
Phono inputsoptional MM / MC
Outputs1 XLR, 1 Tape out (XLR)
Head phone jack1x 6.3 mm
Module slots1
Optional modulesPhono MC / MM, DAC, Line

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Test & Award

The perfect sound stands for hard work and a continuous quest for improvement. That's why we are especially honored when the international community of music enthusiasts honors our products.
Burmester 088 Preamplifier


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The Absolute Sound:
Editor’s Choice Award

USA, 2014

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