Electronic Components

Power Amplifier

Amplifier technology has always been one of the core competences of Burmester Audiosysteme. Like all our high-end amplifiers, power amplifiers are constructed in a symmetrical way and are entirely DC-coupled. A typical feature of Burmester power amplifiers is their extremely high damping factor. In combination with a wide class-A range this allows every connected loudspeaker to perform at its very best. In the power amplifier segment, the Burmester produces a balanced variety that ranges from its monumental flagship to its “tiniest” unit. On account of their gigantic volume, Burmester power amplifiers are absolutely top of the line in the field of amplifier construction.

“The technological devices that we develop or build are used for the purpose of transmitting the culture of the music in such a way that you experience the emotions, because the technology is perfect and nothing distracts. This can be in the living room as well as in the car, and it should enrich our lives."

Dieter Burmester


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There is more then only sound - there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.

Signature Line

Innovative leaps in
sound quality,
and design.

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Reference Line

technology for the
perfect sound

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Top Line

Genuine sound for
true music lovers.

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Classic Line

The essentials -
technical perfection
for generations.

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Phase 3

A fantastic sound
experience in
any environment.

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