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Integrated Amplifier

Burmester integrated amplifiers take their bearings from its preamplifiers and power amplifiers, many of which have been accorded international awards. They are equipped with the proven X-Amp amplifier technology and a tone control system that can be deactivated, and like all Burmester amplifiers are symmetrically constructed and are entirely DC-coupled.
Burmester integrated amplifiers operate in a stable way even when they are driving loudspeakers with critical impedance levels. They have a distinctively warm, strong and full-bodied sound, and at the same time impress the listener with a wealth of details. And like other Burmester amplifiers, these integrated amplifiers are carefully made by hand in the factory in Berlin, and subjected to comprehensive testing before being sent to the customer.

“The customer does not just want to buy a device. They want their Mozart in the middle of the living room.”

Dieter Burmester


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There is more then only sound - there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.

Signature Line

Innovative leaps in
sound quality,
and design.

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Reference Line

technology for the
perfect sound

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Top Line

Genuine sound for
true music lovers.

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Classic Line

The essentials -
technical perfection
for generations.

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Phase 3

A fantastic sound
experience in
any environment.

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