Phase 3

Inspired by the successful cooperation with our automotive partners Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, Burmester decided to take another step towards music-lovers beyond the traditional audiophile scene. With the Phase 3,  Burmester created an “All-In-One” concept, which takes a more digital approach as well as a design language that fits right into any modern living ambience.


Alle Komponenten und Produkte der Phase 3

Phase 3

For Phase 3

Loft Style


Phase 3 blends the best of two worlds. An edgy design fitted for the charm of modern lofts and the superior sound quality of the B15 Loudspeakers and the 161 All-in-One.

Phase 3

For Phase 3

Retro Style


Phase 3 blends the best of two worlds. A timeless design celebrating the deceptively simple Bauhaus style and the superior sound quality of the B15 Loudspeakers and the 161 All-in-One.


Detailled impressions of the Phase 3.

All Burmester product lines distinguish themselves by meeting the highest demands in sound quality, technological innovation, craftsmanship, usability and beautiful design.

“The technological devices that
we develop or build are used for
the purpose of transmitting the
culture of the music in such a
way that you experience the
emotions, because the
technology is perfect and
nothing distracts. This can be in
the living room as well as in the
car, and it should enrich our



Devotion without limits.

To achieve absolute sound quality, we combine state-of-the-art technology, the best electronic components and craftsmanship.

Our Philosophy


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