Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH
Releases Loudspeaker BC150
and Turntable 217


Following statements made earlier in 2021, Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH today announces the debut of two new products in its home audio segment. The company had dedicated itself to developing new products in its core business as part of its ambitions to grow internationally. The company remains dedicated to its quality promise, sourcing more than 95 percent of its materials locally and relying purely on handmade manufacturing processes in Germany.

Beginning with the new BC150 loudspeakers, Burmester has translated and extended the innovation leaps from its benchmark-setting BC350 loudspeakers and brought into a more compact form.
“The BC150 brings clarity and purity of sound to another level. The time and dedication our engineers spent on its development have really paid off and will be felt from the first second the loudspeakers go on”, says Thorsten Poenig, Chief Sales Officer.

The BC150 is available for orders with Burmester now. First products will be ready for international sale starting November 2021.
In addition to a new set of loudspeakers, Burmester is bringing an electronic component to market: the new Burmester turntable 217. Inspired by the multiple award-winning 175, the new 217 prioritizes optimal playback quality and is equipped with two belt drive motors.
“The 217 extends our product portfolio in the vinyl playback field. During the R&D processes, we could draw on more than 35 years of processing experience with the highest-quality phono signals, which allowed us to set a new benchmark”, comments Poenig.

The 217 is available for orders with Burmester now. First products will be ready for international sale starting October 2021.

Both products are being displayed to the public for the first time during the Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, between August 6th and August 8th, 2021, where Burmester will be represented. “The Hong Kong Audio Show is the first international event for Burmester to engage with its customers and the audiophile community in an exceptionally long time. We are grateful and proud that we are bringing new products with us, that will accelerate that feeling of excitement”, says Dina Hoenge, Chief Marketing Officer. With the debut of both products, Burmester is kicking off a series of market launches that will stretch throughout the next 12 months. “Burmester has a clear strategic focus: to develop and produce more ground-breaking products for the German and international High-End market”, says Marianne Burmester.

 During months of lockdown, the company shifted capacities to reach this goal. The company also recently launched an internal vaccination program for all its employees to provide a safe working en- vironment as soon as doses became available. “Because of our dedication to put our employees’ health first, we have successfully maneuvered through the pandemic without any interruptions of business. This has given us the opportunity to leverage our production and assembly capabilities”, Marianne Burmester comments. The company is planning to announce further new products to its dealer network within the next quarter.

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