Burmester & JMES Club


A unique space-sound concept
in the JMES CLUB

The history of Burmester is defined by the search for pure, unaltered sound. It is about making music tangible – a philosophy we have always lived by and is materialized through our engineering, product materiality, and design. Since the beginning of our journey in 1977, we have had the privilege of collaborating with like-minded people to explore new realms of the possible and create sound experiences that are true and unique.

In the heart of Berlin, we are now opening the doors to the JMES Club. A venue where space and sound merge to create an experience that is unparalleled in Europe as well as fully immersive. 


JMES Club, Factory Berlin

Strelitzer Str. 26, 10115 Berlin

About the project

With the vision of creating unprecedented sound experiences, Burmester, Dolby Laboratories, and the Berlin-based art-tech startup JMES joined forces in 2022. The common goal: to create a place for artists where art can be experienced not only in a haptic and visible way but also sonically.

At Factory Berlin, which is well known beyond Berlin as an incubator of groundbreaking and innovative projects, KOST architects and audio engineers from Burmester Automotive are designing a unique, object-based sound concept with a multi-room layout, brought to life by the cutting-edge technology provided by Dolby Atmos. For the first time, listeners can enter a truly immersive sound world based on their individual position – always unique and undistorted by Burmester components.

About the JMES Club

The JMES Club is where invited listeners can experience a unique sound experience. Based at Factory Berlin, the venue hosts sound and art events tailored to the location, featuring the most renowned and groundbreaking artists. The premise: Dedication and passion to music.

About the project partners

With a clear focus on home and automotive audio, Burmester Audiosysteme maintains global collaborations with industry leaders in other sectors to bring pristine sound to audiences in a broad range of settings. In cooperation with our partners, our automotive engineers have been creating unforgettable sound experiences in automobiles for decades. Since the introduction of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Mercedes-Maybach, this experience has become even more modern and immersive thanks to the breathtaking Dolby Atmos technology, which transforms the automobile into a concert hall on wheels.

JMES is a Berlin-based art-tech startup that uses blockchain technology to build a global art community for those who want to realize their ideas and visions in a decentralized and self-managed network. In doing so, JMES combines art and blockchain in a completely novel way. Together with Burmester, JMES is now creating art experiences that are not only accompanied by sound but can be truly experienced through it.

Benjamin Christian Koziczinski is a designer and building physicist based in Berlin. Since building the first immersive post-production stage in continental Europe, his acoustic design company KOST Design has been at the forefront of spatial sound acoustics for over a decade. Informed by his background in music and musicology, his work implements premium acoustics into architectural design. His practice also fosters research and product development.

Eric Horstmann is a pioneer in spatial audio, having overseen the installation of the first Dolby Atmos mixing studio in 2012. In 2019 he founded Immersive Lab, which has quickly become the leading provider for immersive music production. Boasting an extensive track record with diverse international artists, including Moderat, Dubfire, Brian Eno, Robin Schulz, Topic, Glasperlenspiel and Rodriguez Jr., and having mixed more than 500 songs in Dolby Atmos, the Immersive Lab team provides unparalleled expertise for projects of all genres.

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