Perfection and perpetuity in sound and


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Values That Define Our Journey

We firmly believe it is our responsibility to function as a guardian
and mediator of true and full musical experience. This is why
we develop each component with a clear goal in mind: To offer the
highest sound quality and absolute musical fidelity at all times.


Innovation for eternity

Even the most advanced technology is subject to continuous improvement. To ensure this, we build progress into every component by taking future factory modernizations into account. A customer who buys today can therefore enjoy the latest audio technology for a long time to come. Factory upgrades and repairs are subject to the same strict quality controls as new components. By storing test logs and measurements for each system delivered, our manufacturing facility can restore each


Elegance for perpetuity

Clear and unmistakable lines as well as distinctive chrome plates make Burmester audio systems objects not only of musical but also of visual art. According to Burmester’s design philosophy, chrome is much more than just a visual element. At first glance, it stands for the high value and durability of a product. But also the haptics when operating a Burmester amplifier or CD player should reflect durability: For good reason, several weeks of development are invested in a seemingly simple detail such as the clicking sound of a rotary knob.


Simplicity of full control

Burmester designs an easy operation for each component with logical and self-explanatory functionalities. Even though technology is capable of ever more, we believe that its application should not be a mystery. After all, we want the attention to be fully dedicated to the enjoyment of music.


Devotion without limits

To achieve absolute sound quality, we combine state-of-the-art technology, the best electronic components and craftsmanship. Prior to assembly, we select only the best components that meet our tightly defined tolerances. At the end of the manufacturing process each component is burned in and thoroughly measured. For this purpose, over 300 computer-assisted measurements are performed before and after the seven-day burn-in period. A component only enters the final test phase if the measurements show no deviation. Afterwards, the device has to pass our manual Burmester hearing test before shipping.


Handmade in Germany

“Made in Germany” is a label that we take very seriously.
We value local craftsmanship, which is why we purchase over 95 percent of all components and units from German manufacturers. From the first design sketch to prototypes, all the way to the final product: Every component marked with the Burmester name has been completely developed in-house and assembled manually by our highly qualified technicians. This is how we create icons of the high-end audio universe.

Our Product Lines

Get acquainted with our various product lines. Of course, all Burmester products are based on our philosophy. Every product is handmade in Germany.

to our Signature Line

Burmester High-End Soundsystems for your journey

At Burmester, we have always been interested in cars. As a result we were delighted to accept the challenge to fit a high-end sound system into one.

the new 4D Surround-System

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