The quest for the perfect sound begins

Even the most advanced technology is subject to continuous improvement. To ensure this, we build progress into every component by taking future factory modernizations into account. A customer who buys today can therefore enjoy the latest audio technology for a long time to come.

Our Philosophy


The Design Language

Even the most advanced technology is subject to continuous improvement. To ensure this, we build progress into every component by taking future factory modernizations into account. A customer who buys today can therefore enjoy the latest audio technology for a long time to come.


The world’s first modular preamplifier

Dieter Burmester developed and produced the world’s first modular preamplifier. The legendary 808 is still produced today and in the meantime continues to show the way in the fifth evolutionary stage.

to Our Preamplifier 808 MK5


The Phono Preamplifier

Dieter Burmester introduced symmetrical switching technology in the high-end segment with the 838 phono preamplifier.

to our Phono Preamplifier 100


The first remote controlled speaker adjustment

Burmester was the first manufacturer to offer a fully DC-coupled signal path from pickup system to speaker. In the same year, Burmester developed the first remote controlled speaker adjustment with relay circuit resistors.


The stereo power amplifier 909

In 1990 the stereo power amplifier 909 is launched. It marked the foundation for all future generations of Burmester power amplifiers such as the 911, 956 and 036. The massive heat sink with its anodised silver ribs has become a characteristic design element for Burmester components across the globe.

To our Power Amplifier 909 MK5


First CD-Player of Burmester

Dieter Burmester brought the first belt-driven CD player to the market and still today holds the reference title for the tonal benefits of this innovative drive concept.

to our CD Player 069


The 948 Power Conditioner

Dieter Burmester discovered the active regulating 948 Power Conditioner which frees the supply voltage from disruptive DC components, and had it patented.

to our Power Conditioner 948


The Reference Line

The new product line completed the Burmester portfolio. The new Burmester Reference Line is now known for setting the standard in sound quality, innovation and processing quality in the high-end segment around the world. The naming of this extraordinary series was practically predetermined by the specialist magazines around the world: Reference – because all the products from this line are honoured with reference titles.

to the Reference Line


Entering the automotive segment

Burmester is the first High-End sound manufacturer worlwide to be implemented in a luxury automobile. Bugatti, for whom Burmester developed an exclusive sound system over the course of three years, implemented the system in the model 16.4 Veyron.

Cooperation with Bugatti


Porsche and Burmester

With a High-End surround sound system for the Porsche Panamera, Burmester set a new benchmark for automotive sound. Today, this award-winning system is available in all Porsche models.

Porsche Panamera


111 Musiccenter

The 111 Musiccenter rings in a new era for the digital music age. Always following Burmester’s credo of offering logical and intuitive operation, the vast variety of functions enable audiophiles to enjoy a truly remarkable listening experience.

111 Musiccenter


Burmester meets Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz and Burmester begin joining forces with the goal of developing new ways of experiencing sound and music in the automobile. Together the companies achieve a milestone by developing and installing the world’s first High-End 3D Surround Sound System in a luxury limousine.

Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz


3D-Sound with Porsche

The 3D Surround Sound System is also implemented in the Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera


The Signature Line is complete

With the Burmester Signature Line, the company has made it possible for listeners to enter a new dimension of musical enjoyment. This product line, which perfectly combines with Burmester’s 175 turntable, is notorious for its many technological progressions and represents the zenith of sound reproduction quality.

to the Signature Line


Introducing sound to the 4th dimension

Burmester and Mercedes-Benz introduce the 4D High-End Surround Sound System to the S-Class. The system marks a cornerstone in the way listeners perceive music through ist high degree of personalization features and transmission of sound to the entire body.

to Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

Handmade in Germany. Music on highest level at home

Since 1977, Burmester produces handmade audio systems and components of absolute sound quality and musical fidelity. Today, we are the last independent high-end manufacturer of our kind.

Our Philosophy

Burmester with the High-End Soundsystem for your journey

At Burmester we have always been interested in cars, and as a result we were delighted to accept the challenge to fit a high-end sound system into one.

Cooperation with Porsche

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