Burmester customers are music lovers with a sense for sonic and visual aesthetics. It goes without saying that their equipment leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technological content, reliable function and value retention over many years.

Whom do I send my defect components to?

We carry out service and sales exclusively through our retailers.


To our retailers

Can I purchase a replacement package for my device from you?

Each packaging is custom-made for the individual device and is not always available in stock. Therefore, please always keep the original packaging. You can order a replacement package from any authorized Burmester retailer.

Is it possible to purchase products as well as components directly from your manufacture?

No, we sell exclusively through our network of selected retailers.

Do you hold spare parts for older products and components on stock?

You can expect that we still have most of the parts in stock or can produce them again. Please contact your Burmester retailer for more information regarding your individual case.


To our retailers

Can I upgrade my Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or other vehicle with a Burmester soundsystem?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The number and placement of speakers in the interior alone requires them to be installed directly during the construction of the vehicle.

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