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151 MK2


The 151 Musiccenter is the ‘little brother’ of the Reference Line 111 Musiccenter and functions as a high-end music server. As with the reference product 111, it combines outstanding sonic characteristics with extraordinarily fast processing of even significant amounts of data.

The 151 Musiccenter can be operated with a fixed output level into an existing system using a preamplifier, or alternatively using its variable output section and connected directly into power amplifiers or active loudspeakers.

In addition to the knowledge gained from the development of the Reference Line 111 Musiccenter - and our experience since its launch - ideas, requests and suggestions from our customers in particular have been taken into account in order to develop a device that guarantees the highest level of acceptance and customer satisfaction.

Comes along with the following streaming providers:



The design of this product highlight incorporates the timeless design language familiar from Burmester devices through its clean lines and characteristic chrome front. Thus, the 151 Musiccenter perfectly fits into the ranks of Burmester components both sonically and visually.


Moving into the era of digital music reproduction Burmester still relies heavily on the care and quality of hand assembly in the production of the new music servers 111 and 151. Because Burmester believes that only with the combination of cutting-edge technology, carefully selected top-quality parts and the traditional values of craftsmanship can the goal of absolute sound be achieved.

Technical Details

7.9 kg
Width482 mm (19“)
96 mm (3.8“)
Depth367 mm (14.5“)
Analog inputs stereo mini XLR
(adapter or connection cable included, 2x Mini-XLR-Male to XLR-Female 1 m)
Digital inputs/ output1 RCA, 1 TOTX
Analog outputsstereo XLR, stereo RCA
Upsampling to 96 kHz/24 bityes
switchable to 192 kHz/24 bityes
Remote controlledyes
Signal-to-noise ratio> 105 dBV


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Current softwareupdate

Test & Award of 151 MK1 Musicctenter

The perfect sound stands for hard work and a continuous quest for improvement. That's why we are especially honored when the international community of music enthusiasts honors our products.

The Absolute Sound

United Kingdom, 2015

To the Test


United Kingdom, 2015

To the Test

Audio Test

Germany, 2019

To the Test


Germany, 2015

To the Test

image hifi

Germany, 2015

To the Test



To the Test
Editor’s Choice Award

Germany, 2015

Plus X-Award:
Innovation, High Quality, Design, Usability

Germany, 2015

Plus X-Award:
Best Product of the Year

Germany, 2015

Golden Ear

Germany, 2016

the absolute sound:
Editors' Choice Award

United Kingdom, 2018

Golden Ear

Germany, 2018

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