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With the Ambience BA71 Dieter Burmester created a loudspeaker that combines striking sound with highest musical fidelity and almost unlimited power reserves. Its fundamental bass power despite its lean and elegant appearance is due to the separation of the bass diaphragm into four identical, compact bass drivers, which are energetically supported in the lowest registers by a bass reflex port. Two low-to-mid range drivers in a sealed compartment for each speaker provide well-balanced, tonally correct sound up to the treble register for which a new Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter has been custom developed. However, what really sets this speaker apart is its adaptability to different rooms and listening tastes. An additional, rear-firing ambience tweeter can be infinitely adjusted to adapt the sound to individual tastes or listening room acoustics. It opens up the width and depth of the soundstage in a way that heretofore seemed possible only with omnidirectional or dipole speakers. However, with Burmester’s Ambience loudspeakers this phenomenon is not only achievable but also adjustable.



The front of this elegant speaker is made of solid aluminum and available in silver, medium bronzed or black. The speaker enclosure made of solid wood is elaborately braced on the inside and available in these cabinet finishes: High-gloss makassar, high-gloss walnut in light or dark, high-gloss white or high-gloss black enamel. Of course, the finish of fronts and cabinets may be custom combined.


Drivers are carefully selected and subjected to a weeklong burn-in process before mounted in identical pairs to ensure perfect stereo sound. The hand-assembled frequency crossovers are carefully connected to the drivers, with individual crossovers for different frequency ranges to ensure optimal performance. They are expertly mounted as close as possible to the respective drivers.

Technical Details

60 kg
1232 mm
303 mm
500 mm
Nominal load capacity300 W
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m 89 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ω
Frequency response +/-3 dB35 - 40000Hz
High-frequency converter 2x Air Motion Transformer
Midrange converter 2 x 170 mm glass fibre paper membrane
Low-frequency converter  4 x 170 mm glass fibre paper membrane
Transfer frequencies 180 / 2600 Hz 

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The perfect sound stands for hard work and a continuous quest for improvement. That's why we are especially honored when the international community of music enthusiasts honors our products.


Germany, 2017

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Germany, 2015

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Taiwan, 2016

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