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Below the 161 All-in-One a separate compartment can house connected devices like e.g. a set-top box or sat receiver, integrating them with the design ambition of the entire system. PHASE 3 stands for uncompromising high-end sound, intuitive ease of operation via iPad® and Burmester app, it provides a fast access to thousands of musical pieces and combines these benefits with the design of a modern living ambience.

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The entire software for operating the 161 comes from the Burmester R&D department. This is why the software consorts perfectly with the mainboard of the arithmetical unit which was custom-modified according to Burmester specifications.


The 161 All-in-One can be operated in several ways. The essential basic functions may be controlled both on the device itself and also via the included infrared remote. Thus you may e.g. adjust the volume or halt the playback by a simple touch of a button without having to call up a menu. Furthermore the 161 All-in-One can also be taken from standby to operation mode with the infrared remote control. The complete operation of all functions is done via the iPad® app or with the web interface. Both applications are also developed in-house entirely.

Technical Details

17 kg (37.5 lbs)
Width568 mm (22.4“)
121 mm (4.8“)
376 mm (14.9“)
Analog inputs1 XLR
Digital inputs1 RCA, 1 TOSLINK
Analog outputs1 XLR, 1 RCA
Digital outputs1 RCA, 1 TOSLINK
Head phone jack6.3 mm
Upsampling to 96 kHz/24 bityes
switchable to 192 kHz/24 bityes
Remote controlledyes
Special featuresAirplay®, Smooth function

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There is more then only sound - there is art. You can finish the composition of hardware to get the most exposion sound. Have fun to explore more of Burmester.

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