Burmester high-end sound for Ferrari

BERLIN 13 September 2022

With the Burmester sound system in the Ferrari Purosangue, an acoustic milestone was created that reflects the extraordinarily high standards of both manufacturers and carries the genes of the two prestigious brands. In the collaboration with Ferrari, Burmester is not simply treading a new path of high-end automotive sound development but elevating the sound experience to an entirely new level of heightened sensory perception.

 Starting in 2019, the initial focus of Burmester’s development team was the realization of pure sound with outstanding performance of the system with its 21 speakers and 1,420 watts system power output. This results in superior naturalness and definition in the sound image, plus a new and one-off sound. Particularly noteworthy are the high and low frequency ranges, where new technological ground has been broken. The ribbon tweeter, which is being used for the first ever time in a production vehicle, as well as the subwoofer, which is installed in a closed housing, play with an unheard of level of precision and impulse fidelity. This results in superior naturalness and definition in the sound image, plus a new and one-off sound. The exceptional level of imaging and clarity completely dissolves the boundaries between music and listener. For pure musical enjoyment. 

Unique to Burmester in the market is the use of hybrid amplification. Decades of experience with analog amplification in the home audio sector have been transferred to the automotive sector. Analog amplification and filters for the high and mid-range are combined with digital amplification in the low range - for a warm, natural, detailed but nonetheless powerful sound. So-called ultra-flat speakers are used in the surround area as well as for 3D sound. Due to their very low installation depth, they allow optimal positioning to enable an authentic spatial sound experience.

With the Burmester sound system in the Purosangue, completely new setting options are used, which emphasize typical features in the Burmester sound. For an even crisper, cleaner bass, the Precise Bass setting can be selected. In three stages the low-frequency range can be given more discernable punch. This function is available for all presets. If desired, the Stage Plus preset provides a sharper and more contoured stage image that brings the listener even closer to the music. The dedication in tuning the audio system also followed the discerning demands required to fully meet the unique character of the car, and thus the essence of the automotive works of art from Maranello. 

T E C H N I C A L D A T A  &  H I G H L I G H T S 

  • 21 speakers incl. subwoofer, 1,420 watts including 400 watts booster for subwoofer 
  • Fully active system - individually controlled and amplified speakers for optimal sound system tuning 
  • Ribbon Tweeter – USP 
  • extremely fine resolution, very clean reproduction of even the finest nuances 
  • absolutely flat, very light metal foil, enables a direct and position-independent sound experience due to its radiation behavior 
  • is used for all listening positions 
  • also used in the center area for imaging a homogeneous stage 
  • Subwoofer with large volume, closed system with high damping for a particularly precise and stunning low-frequency presence 
  • Surrounds and 3D full-range ultra-flat speakers allow optimal positioning for an authentic spatial sound experience 
  • Hybrid amplifier with analog amplification and filters for treble and midrange and digital amplification in the low frequency range for natural, detailed and powerful sound 
  • Very low distortion at maximum possible sound pressure for effortless and faithful reproduction of the full dynamic range, for intensive yet comfortable listening pleasure