Burmester and Porsche

The sound from Weissach is being enhanced from Berlin. By Burmester.

Since the introduction of the Burmester high-end Surround sound system at the time the new Porsche Panamera was launched, it has been the benchmark for factory-installed integrated car hifi systems. This status was successfully defended in the next project, the Porsche Cayenne, and in the Porsche 911 iconic sports car.

Intense research and development have made it possible to transfer Burmester’s long experience of providing high-end sound for the living room to the automotive industry. The use of materials found in Burmester high-end systems certainly injects some “Burmester DNA” into the vehicle, which is now filled with a full-bodied, warm and detail-rich sound. Listening to music in the car is no longer a compromise affair.

The activation of the loudspeakers via separate amplifier channels makes it possible to adapt them to the interior of the vehicles. Moreover, it makes the music sound exhilarating and facilitates a convincing soundstage. A highly efficient amplifier system, lightweight Neodym magnets, similarly light aluminium loudspeaker baskets and various weight-reduced synthetic materials are in keeping with the lightweight construction that tends to be found in sports cars. This means that the total weight of the system is remarkably low, especially in view of its incredible power.

The Burmester sound system has several innovative ways of enhancing individual listening pleasure. For example, in the Panamera and the Cayenne the sound can be optimized for the front or rear seats by merely pressing a button. In Porsche sports cars fitted with a Burmester system it is possible to select “Smooth”, “Live” or “Surround” settings to obtain the best sound for one’s listening pleasure.

The superiority of the system is the net result of innumerable details, and of one overriding goal, and that is perfect sound.



Customer Assistance: If you are owner of a Burmester Sound System for Porsche and require assistance please contact one of Porsche's Customer Contact Centres: www.porsche.com